Call’o’thlu “Meatpackers” Finale

The group Finds a huge mass sitting in the middle of the passageway at first glance it looks like a huge man about 4-5 people across, clearly dead. On Closer inspection it looks like a normal man stretched tanned manipulated, and stuffed. There are stitched in his abdomen. do you dare open deeper inside? You split it open inside a face pops out propelled by rotting gases and pressure. The face is attached to the corpse of another “stuffed” corpse. The killer went through some trouble to do this there maybe a clue inside. The inner man is also bloated and deformed his midsection stitched together. There is another man deboned and stuffed into the second man there is something inside the last man will you reach inside to get it?

Inside you Find a journal entry:

5/1918 My ship had docked on the hudson today the first thing that struck me was all the filth, the waves of unwashed humanity. The street corners were filled with vagrants, whores and beggars. The streets filled with waste with just a piddling of water struggling to was away the mountains of human detritus. It reminded me instantly of a stock yard, filled to the brim with human filth. That was exactly what manhattan was a human stockyard ringed in by water filled to the brim with cattle. “It” will feed well here very well.

The group ventures deeper and the find Hertzold. He has been exploring the tunnels looking to stop the attacks and find the murder. he confirms that he was in WWI, but those are not his journal pages. the team notices his hammer looks different on it is etched a strange symbol. Hertzold grandmother taught him this symbol its a protection symbol to protect him from evil.

The party ventures deeper and comes to a fork Hertzold sneaks in and sees five of the creatures you had fought before. It looks like they are guarding something. the party fight off the creatures they were guarding the missing Druidic Holy Book.


The party forge ahead the had walked very far. the find a huge underground cavern 100-150 yards across lit weakly by sparsely placed torches. In the middle of the cavern is a huge pool of liquid about 50 yards across. There are a few branches. A figure emerges from one of them clad in a rubber apron and gas mask. He pulls of the mask to reveal himself as  Benjamin Walthrop. He smiles and waves his arm and the huge pool of water reacts. a wave builds about 20 feet into the air. to you horror you realize that the entire pool is a mass of black worms writhing and pulling. Benjamin introduces you to the elder god of consumption. Born in the fields of no man’s land in the Western Front. It gorged itself on thousands of corpses, and grown to a monstrous size. The party quickly dispatch Benjamin but the elder god is starting to react reach out looking for a meal. One of the brave party members carve the symbol of protection from Hertzold upon their flesh and jump in the black mass. The god react violently and spits the brave team member out. The Creature no longer is able to move as one started to tear itself apart. A large majority starts to dissipate into the air.

The group finds a trove of books and another journal entry:


The was a rush today. In the morning I heard the whistle, and climbed out of the trench.  The Hail of bullets hit, an unceasing wave of force tearing at our ranks. My friends climb up then jerked backwards by the machine gun fire falling back into the holes we called home for the past 2 weeks. i closed my eyes climbed up and by some miracle made it about  30 yards then fell into a shell crater. Next to me laid the body of an enemy and 3 others. I could still hear the whiz-pop of the bullets above my head. I couldn’t summon up the courage to go on. It would be better to wait till nightfall to try and head back to my line. I squatted there for hours next the the corpses. There was a sick wet slapping sound from inside the one of the dead man’s abdomen like a worm trying to bash as a cage of flesh.

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