Call’o’thlu “Meatpackers” Part 4

The party left the cow tunnel and decided to rest the night.

The next morning you all find out that there have been several attacks through out the night all around the meatpacking district. The assailants have been reported to emerge from various underground access points. Around 10 people have been reported missing, and the police force is on full alert. Many of the officers have been staffed just to guard manholes and basement doors.

Tomak tells Sergeant Finley that Hertzold has disappeared into the tunnels. The party interrogates Tomak. Tomak tell that party of rumors surround Hertzold. He was a member of the Russian Imperial Guard. He trained under Rasputin and is rumored to be an expert in chemical warfare.

The party gets back lab results from pigsy and they find his blood contains large amounts of the hallucinogenics that was found in the underground lab he is 7 foot tall and Norwegian.

An NPC brings the party a coin with a 2 wolves on it on one side is a wolf howling at the moon on the side a proud wolf on top a rock with strange lettering around edges. They find the lettering is Latin and ask around the local churches. They find that the coin belongs to the order of Remus. The party find that the Italian Sausage and cannery workers are members of the Order of Remus. They are a Group that supports the rights of the proletariat. They oppose the wealthy and those that make money off others hard work.

The group ventures back into the tunnels where Hertzold disappeared. They reach a fork with 6 branches after entering the fourth branch the group enter about 50 feet and being to smell a strange chemical odor. The rookie cop decides fool heatedly to venture forth about 30′ further into the tunnel the chemical smell becomes so thick he can taste it in the back of his mouth, still he ventured on. about 10′ later he succumbs to the smells and passes out. Another party member tries to save him but fails and also succumbs. The rest leave their comrades to their fate.


The pair wake up in a small room with a large metal table in the center. They find their hands and feet bound. There is a man standing in the middle. He is wearing a gas mask, dressed in surgical operating attire with a rubber apron. He is standing over the table and working on something. to our investigator’s horror they can see a body hand and feet convulsing on the operation table. the masked figure quickly and clean opens the poor man’s abdominal cavity. Without hesitation the masked man plunges his hands inside the victims chest and pulls out various organs and examining them. Some he places back inside some he places beside the now still body of the victim. the pair manage to defy their bonds and attack the the masked man. At, that exact moment Sgt. Finley comes running into the room, and scared the masked man off.

The villain disappears into a door other far side of the room. Finley frees the party and they go into the next room. They find in the next room a truly gruesome sight. The first thing they see is large rails attached to the ceiling of the room. There are 3 bodies hanging from their feet attached to meat hooks in the railings. The first was a man the head had been cleanly cut off the neck just simply ended in a neat stump where a head would normally be. The abdomen had been opened and sewn back together with a strange looking wire. The next body had several limbs missing in there place were stump just like the first’s neck. The body hung easily by one leg having been freed of the rest of the limbs. the face of the 2nd man was mutilated beyond recognition with both eyes missing and hollow indentations where the cheeks might have been. This individual’s body cavity was very clearly empty. The third shape was shockingly still moving a young women hanging her Achilles tendons severed by the meat hooks. She was mostly intact except her mouth was sewn closed by the same strange wire. The party lower the woman. they try to cut the wires with scissors and some other the surgical tools, but the only thing that can even scratch them is a strand of the same wire from the other room. they finally cut the wire and free the woman mouth. She expresses her thanks and wants  to get out of here be for ‘he’ comes back with “his friends”. The party grabs the corpses and they quickly exit the tunnels.

"Croc boucherie" by Myrabella - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

The woman tells them of how she was simply heading home after work from the factory and was snatched from the street by a man with horrible scars. She was dragged underground through an access vent, and the masked stranger was waiting at the 6 forks with other deformed men/creatures and sent most of them down another tunnel. Then her and 3 others were taken to the operating room. The masked man had the creature tie them up. He then looped the strange wire around the neck of the first man anchored one end and tugged sharply on the wire. The man started to scream but as soon as the wire went taught all she could here was a grotesque gurgling sound. she said the masked man was opening the first man with a length of wire pulling it against the corpses body made it open up like cutting a piece of paper. He took out the first man’s organs and seemed to put something inside of the first man. He simple said “For my new friends”, and then he stitched the first man back up.


The party opens up the first body with difficulty the wire is very strong. Inside they find an aged piece of paper.

5/13/1914: Tonight the sky lit up with strange lights, and a huge shell fell. It was massive, for the supports all around the foxhole shook. We all put on our masks. All along the line we had cave-ins. We had to dig some of the men out.  We theorized it was a new weapon the enemy was using, because even through the masks we smelled something foul.

The order came down the line, we would rush tomorrow. Tonight we pray.

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