Custom Call O’ Cthulhu adventure “Meatpackers” Part 3

The party decides to chase the abductor and rescue the prostitute. They venture down into the the tunnels below the slaughter house. They follow the shrieks of pain and terror and they find the girl being dragged down the tunnel their flashlights illuminate her prone form. She is being dragged by her captors, their hands look almost clawed have dug deeply into her shoulders where she is bleeding profusely from. The party’s lights barley outline the shapes of 3 men that grabbed her. They are medium height very slight build, muscular, but there are strange protrusions coming from all over their bodies. The group shines their light directly at them the see that the protrusions are shard of metal embedded in their bodies, long 1′-2′ sword like pieces of metal jutting from every part of their bodies. Their faces are just shreds flesh with shard of metal obscuring their faces.  The party engages the creature display remarkable strength and agility they are able to scale and move rapidly around. In the end the party prevails but suffers serious injury. They can see for the bodies of the creatures that someone had expertly places the shard of metal avoiding arteries and organs but solidly piecing the bones causing the creature great pain but not killing them.

The party discovers that the creatures used to be neighborhood kids possibly gang members of Irish descent. They discovered that they had recently stolen a Drudic holy book from the community library, but alas the party couldn’t recover the book. They find that the leader of Irish Tanners descends from a long line of  Druid from Ireland and he too practices the “old ways”. They found that the gang had been hanging out around the meatpacking district stealing and causing trouble. They decide to arm up and return to the tunnels to search for more clues.

The group has armored themselves, and brought larger weapons. They drive to the meatpacking district at night. They heard a horrible gurgling commotion come from the stock yards. They breach the fence and enter. As they get closer they here that sound more clearly its is a loud gurgling mixed with an animal like moan. as they approach the cattle the cows slowly give them room. As they move toward the sounds the cows start closing the path behind them. they reach the middle of the stockyards and in the middle they find a large cow the herd has giving this cow plenty of space. it make another horrible painful sound. Suddenly it head turns at an impossible angle a wet snapping sound coming from its body they its abdominal cavity shakes and starts writhing like worms are writhing inside of it. After a horrible tearing sound the cows abdomen bursts open and creatures akin to worms bust forth they are large like the width of a man’s leg but they are impossibly dark like they suck in the light. the creature surge forth and grab a party member he is held tightly. The investigator fire into the mass of creatures bu they show no reaction and pull the wound party member closer to the mass. the other cows panic and stampede. The creature are able to grab a medium sized cow and drag it to the center of the mass they cover the cow and flex. they only thing the party sees is red ooze seep out of the mass of worms where the cow was. The truck driver hears the commotion from outside the stockyard and drive the truck into the mass. the mass seizes the truck they abandon the truck and set it on fire. The explosion shake the mass of worms and they release the party member he suffers a fracture to his leg. the worms retreat into the darkness.

The party members investigate the ‘host’ cows remains. One member foolishly puts his head into the cow carcass and feels a slight moistness near his nostril them the sensation is gone. another member get close to exam the other member and also feels a strange sensation near his ear. They could only see a faint train of blood near their facial orifices. they tack the mass to a set of huge doors in the corner of the stock yards. The Sgt. tells them that this is the door leading to the cow tunnels. they decide to investigate. the party members who were infected by the worms start hearing voices and start to point their weapons toward their friends.

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