Custom Call O’ Cthulhu adventure “Meatpackers” Part 2

Slaughter house

A block long one story building. You enter through the slaughter area reeks of piss and shit from the cows that have died here. The cows are lead up from the tunnels into a tight corral where the Knocker hits them in between the eyes with a sledge hammer to kill them instantaneously. Scene where Tomek takes over fails to kill the cow in one shot the cow with half its face smashed nearly break loose from the corral and Hertzold expertly walks up and kill it in one strike.

After the kill area. the cow is strung up by its legs and skinned, bleed, decapitated, and gutted the guts are carted off to another area clean and parted out, the skin goes to the tanners.

Slavic Group

Joshuf Hertzold– Eastern European immigrant leader.

Tomek Juric– Hertzold’s apprentice.

Soap & Rendering


The Soap Making and rendering area is a rather large 80 foot long building about 4 stories tall. inside are two huge 2000 gallon cauldrons of rendering fat. all along the street you see men with wheelbarrows filled to the brim with animal fats. in another section of building further in there is another room with smaller cauldrons where huge bags of chemicals, and lye are stacked in a corner.

Erik Haverson- leader of the Norwegians tall man 6’8″

He tells you that he hasn’t noticed anything strange at all.

Back Underground


A messenger approaches Sgt. Finley says they found another room in the tunnels and it definitely belongs to the killer. the patrol man stands guard outside the rooms is filled with books and specimen containers. Do you look closely? $Insanity Check$.

Suddenly you hear screams from down the tunnel then gunshots Sgt opens the door asks the patrolman who down there he says There are 2 officers that were mapping and scouting. Shots continue to fire.  Finley send the patrolman for backup. Then a series of long painful yells come from the tunnel the sgt pulls out his gun tells you to follow him. you all go about 60 yards.  you reach the end of string of lights that line the tunnels similar to the subway. you can see the two cones of light from the flashlight from the patrol man.  you hear a low growling from the edge of the light you sees a huge clever then a huge shape of a man steps out but something is not right, his nose was upturned at an almost impossible angle he had ears on top his head where his eyes should be were just hole dripping blood he lifts from his left side a uniformed patrolman in his right hand a huge heavy cleaver in one swift motion he drives the clear into the patrolmen’s chest and pulls downward sharply and the patrolman guts spill out onto the floor. He then tosses the patrolman’s body directly at you.

The front two of your group fall over and he charge the rest of you he is huge possible 7′ tall. His strength is inhuman he grabs on to one of your group prepares to impale him, but before that happens you all empty your side arms into him and he falls over.

After the fight back out on the street your party members get bandaged by the paramedics. Sgt. Finley says good job we lost so good me but another sickos is off the streets. He remarks its time to get some free rich people’s drinks

Upper West Side Party


You arrive to a palatial house on the upper west side three stories tall half a block long. the foyer is huge three stories tall with vaulted ceilings the walls cover in gilded paneling like palaces of Versailles. The party is mostly filled with European industrialists.

Benjamin Walthrop billionaire industrialist manages Walthrop holdings with  business in munitions, auto parts, chemical agents etc.

Henry Walthrop shares Walthrop family fortune with Ben but does not actively manage any portion of the business

Ryce introduces his uncle and explains that he is embarking on a trip to Africa to seek the lost priests of ancient Egypt. He explains that this is a farewell party and many of the guests believer in the supernatural, and theosophists. and your presence is a welcome.


After Party

After the party your team decided to go talk to the women of the night around the meatpacking district. you meet Ms. Eva, she is a beautiful women in her 30’s she tells you that the girls here come and go its impossible to say if they have gone missing. you are interrupted by a scream you rush over and find a hysterical girl. she says something came out of the alley and took her friend down in to the basement of the canning & sausage building. Do you give chase?


Tauentzien Street Team, Berlin 1920s



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