Custom Call O’ Cthulhu adventure “Meatpackers” Part 1-ish

Hi this is a custom adventure I wrote for call of Cthulhu tabletop game V.6. I will continue to clean it up and refine it feel free to use the material just give me credit where credit is due. Thanks,


Its 1920s Sgt. Finley a detective in his late 30’s is driving you guys in a van down through the streets of New York City. The streets are filled with model Ts, and the people representing nationalities from all over the world, some fresh off the boat from Europe fleeing the great war, most just for a opportunity. There are drug stores, clothing stores filling every block and advertisements on every corner heralding the golden age of the industrial revolution in America. then the Sgt. enters the downtown area. and area filled with immigrants filth and squalor the tenets stare as you pass by.

Crime Scene

You arrive at Shubert’s and Son’s meats a squat two story brick building with small windows in the meatpacking district the street is packed with NYPD wagons and other official vehicles. Sgt. Finley says” this is the easiest place to access the scene. he leads to the side of the building to a wide alley where a few uniformed officers are milling around the sgt approaches the uniformed officers they seemed conversational but sober. Something has got these guys unsettled. The sgt cracks a joke a the mood lightens up just a little. Then you proceed through the floor gate into the basement of the meat packing facility.

published in "Harper's Weekly" July 1877

published in “Harper’s Weekly” July 1877

Once inside you begin to see more officials, men in doctors uniforms, photographers, utility workers and detetives their conversations seemed hushed and nervous. the sgt. greets a few then pulls a hard left going down another flight of steps. he explains, the whole block here is service by heating oil from a central location a few block from here these service tunnels bring heating oil, lighting oil hot water and sewer to that location.

The tunnel was narrow maybe enough for 2-3 ppl to fit through with huge pipes running alongside. you continue along about few hundred feet then the sgt. reaches a makeshift sign there is a non descript door there easily overlooked he goes through to another tunnel you continue through. he then tells you about the effort being put into this case. I’m one of thirteen detectives on this case its big all the district from 42 street down are cooperating. the sgt in in charge of this particular aspect of this case. he says the weird aspect of this case.

You finally reach a junction where there are a quite a few men lining the tunnel these guys look grim, distant the Sgt. stops turns around he says if that any of your are weak of will, or lack the fortitude you should stay here out here.

#Insanity Check#

you put on booties and protective clothing Sgt opens the door the first thing that his you is the smell a metallic taste thick in the air so thick you can taste it in the back of your throat. Sgt tells you to step carefully, after the metallic smell subsides the underlying stench of rot and hits you, the smell of offal and fermenting fats and guts. you walk into a room about 10 x 10 x 8 lit in the first thing you notice center of the room a 6 foot pile of what can only be described a meat pieces of flesh nondescript organs still dripping with the various fluids bones and limbs jutting out, a mix of hoofs and fingers. the source of the metallic smell the floors are slick with nearly an inch of thick coagulated blood the walls are covered in tile but on top are a swirling mass of symbols and  pictographs. The Sargent directs your attention to the pile o’ meat there are men in photographing each piece meticulously pulling each piece you examining and bagging it (comments not done by butchering tools cuts are smooth uniform). Sgt says that there animal pigs, sheep, and possible a part of a cow, but there are definitely human remains in there but its impossible to tell how many or who until the meat pile is processed. he directs your attention to the front of the room where the killer or killers have meticulously place hearts and brains in some sore of unknown order maybe he was just bored arranging them. The Sgt tell you you were brought in for the symbols and occult knowledge. “ The walls can say i am their prophet i will bind them all with the precious string of heaven.” ” they will live in our feed then we will take them into us in the greatness.” “i will wake when your fields run red with the dead”

"Harper's Weekly" July 1877

“Harper’s Weekly” July 1877

he says that the tunnels stretch an unknown distance and unit are currently mapping the rest of the tunnels

*player time* Sgt Finley says we get to talk to the owner of the complex heir to the Walthrop industries Ryce Walthrop. Ryce is in his late 20s he is a nice guy cooperating but he can’t tell you much he is rarely down here at all that his family owes various industries, he asks what you do when you mention the occult he invite you to a party held in honor of his uncle who is leaving for a long safari into the dark heart of Africa Sgt accepts. He tell you that you should ask Morse Hahn for more information about the day to day operations of the stock yards and processing plants.
Morse Hahn tell you the various warehouses are rented out to different business the stock yard is connected to these slaughterhouse by underground tunnels. mostly the workers are poor immigrants it was mostly Irish now eastern Europeans. that if asked him it seems like something that the Slavs would do and you should speak with the knocker hertzod. Hahn also gives you a rough overview of the area to the north is the rendering plant where they render soap and glycerin from all the leftover animal fat to the south is the Walthrop’s main stock yard the west is the docks and warehouse buildings. the main slaughter plants are canning and sausage houses are between 38 and 39 st.

Meatpacking District 1920s

#player Time#

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